Healing Treatments

Jess Coleman

Healing Treatments

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a wonderfully warming and calming treatment .The heat of the stones warms the skin allowing the massage oils to be easily absorbed and then the therapist can work the deeper muscle layers. I had this treatment many years ago and it immediately struck a chord with me and when learning it found it to be a very intuitive way to work with massage.

What happens in a hot stone massage ?

  • Typically volcanic hot stones will be placed in certain positions on the body ( volcanic stones retain the heat for much longer than ordinary stones ). The stones are placed on a towel or blanket and then on the body so that the heat gently infuses through to the muscles.
  • At the same time the client will be massaged with warm stones on different body parts using various massage techniques.
  • Alternate hot and cold stones can be used in the treatment.
  • The water heater that is used to heat the stones is a specific temperature and a thermometer is used so it is very safe.
  • The heat can create a deeper feeling of relaxation and can be a great de-stressing massage as well as treating tight muscle tension .
  • Often people find it be a very Grounding treatment .

Clients comments

” I love the way your treatments are always evolving , didn’t think your massage’s could get any better! , this takes your treatments to a whole different level , the warmth is amazing . Thank you so much . “