Healing Treatments

Jess Coleman

Healing Treatments

Top essential oils for skincare

Facial massage is key to beautiful skin, your skin will look brighter and it encourages lymphatic flow.

my top facial oils are as follows:

Frankinsense : good for all skin types , cell renewal , wrinkles, and evens the skin tone.

Lavender : Its relaxing, good for mature skin and sun spots.

Geranium : It regulates oil production, reduces acne breakouts, tightens and reduces wrinkles.

Neroli : good for sensitive, oily and mature skin, helps smooth fine lines, helps to lift the skin and shrinks pores.

Rose : good for dry ageing skin, helps refine the skin texture and tone, and is good for psorisis and dermatitis.

Tea tree : good for acne prone skin, Anti-bacterial , wound healing and helps regulate oil production which helps calm congested and breakout prone skin.

Ylang ylang : Regenerates skin cells, smooths fine lines , good for elasticity , and has a rich floral fragrance.

Always mix essential oils in a base massage oil before applying to the skin. Some commonly used carrier oils are almond oil , fractionated coconut oil or Jojoba oil and I recommend 6 drops of essential oils mixed into 20ml of base oil.

Have a go ! and enjoy , I like to use a small amount of blended oils on my skin in the evening as it can slowly nourish the skin over night.